Luis is fair, timely and always does a great job. He's installed our air conditioning, serviced it and repaired our system when needed. Conscientious workmanship. He's also a really nice guy.
Stella V.
We had a problem with our AC unit in August, on a 106* day. We called Luis at 2:32pm, it's now 4:47 and our unit is fixed and cooling!! Thanks so much! We don't see these guys much but when we need them it's sooooo nice to know they're here!!!
Highly recommend (for years). We met Luis years ago while he was on a job for a neighbor at one of our properties. We hired him to maintain our La Quinta property next door to that neighbor and then to our Palm Springs properties (inspect, clean, service) and recently - a complete install at our home of 4 brand new complete HVAC dual cycle units, heaters, and thermostats in Rancho Mirage. Prompt and professional. Best pricing and service. Picture below of our "Before" and "After" of 3 of the 4 units (and furnaces and thermostats) replaced. They work great and our bills are lower too.
Juno S.
I am so happy I chose the best air conditioning company in the Desert!!! Luis took care of my AC problem, he arrived fast and was very professional, he explain everything that needs to get done in a way that you will clearly understand. I trust him 100% and I highly recommend this company.
Maria G.
This company is "THE BEST" Luis and his son were out today to install a new water heater for us and did a great job at a very fair price. We've been using this company for several years now at not only our home, but a rental property. From our experience, we feel Apparatus gets 5 stars! Shirley G. Thousand Palms
Shirley G.
Luis was called in the afternoon on Saturday about heating issue I had with my airbnb home in laquinta cove. He was at my house in about an hour and a 1/2, and knew exactly what needed to happen. Got it all fixed and heat in the house about a 1/2 hour before the guests arrive. Great job!!
Larry M.
Thank you Luis for being "The Guy" you want to call for any Air Conditioning and Heating needs. Luis is fair, honest and really good at his craft. He goes above and beyond the call of duty. I had an air conditioner on the top of the house go out and a water heater inside a small area that needed to be replaced. He was able to provide service in both cases that others wanted to charge me double. He was on time, efficient, no drama, no worries. Luis is the man, thank you.
Robert M.
I contacted Luis at Apparatus Air Conditioning because when I purchased our home (for rental) we did not know that there was a room addition which failed to install a central air vent in that room. My tenants, understandably contacting and telling me it is hotter than Hades in that room! I contacted 3 A/C Companies., all claiming to contact in one hour and guess what? None of them did except for Apparatus! They made the appointment and installed new duct work and vent for that unbearable room. Thank you Luis and Apparatus for getting to me in a timely manner both phoning and job completion, with a good price. You did an incredible job and you will be my new A/C company in the area.
Raul C.
I definitely recommend Apparatus Air Conditioning, Luis and his son took care of our AC and were very professional, friendly and fast. You can count on them to deliver on time and on budget!
Ccmig G.
After J. Anthony came out and gave me a quote of $2100 for a fix or $3000 for a new unit. I called Apparatus. Not only did they arrive quickly but they were very friendly and courteous. They fixed my unit for much much less. I also asked them to do tune ups on my other units. Which they were happy to do. They were able to fix another potential threat to my additional unit. Im so glad i called Apparatus today. And they will continue to be my go to company for all my heating and cooling needs. Thank you guys again!!!!
Josie S.
Luis installed a new AC unit and furnace in our mobile home. Excellent price, quick installation and great follow up service. Recommend highly.
Jim F.
Well, Luis and his son saved us again. Our a/c wasn't working. They were here within a couple hours and had it fixed within a couple minutes. Nicer, kinder, more knowledgeable people you will not find. I cannot recommend Apparatus more strongly. Fabulous. Marvelous. Don't even THINK of calling anyone else!!!!!
Jerry C.
Prompt service on a Sunday! We were concerned that it would be an expensive job as air conditioning stopped working and we had company visiting and needed it fixed quickly. Louis came out and he promptly diagnosed the issue saying it needed a part replaced and that compressor was fine. We were relived with the honesty. He and his team didn't try to upsell us anything. The total cost to us was fair and reasonable given it was a Sunday. He charged us $100 for the Sunday service call plus part and labor. All in all we would recommend apparatus air and use them again if needed.
May U.
Outstanding service ! We would recommend this air conditioning repair service to all in the region. Very Professional. He explained all that was being done throughout his repair service and installation. Trustworthy. Courteous.
Jose Lomeli
I called a night before they went to the house the next morning showed up on time did the job quickly. I will use them again. Nice to know that there are people out there that u can depend on. Thank you guys.
Yaffa Seligman
They came right over that same day and fixed the leak at the price less than the estimate they quoted. Professional and pleasant. I will definitely call them again.
Beth Caskie
Needed a whole new system including A/C, gas furnace, and condenser lines. I called several companies to bid. These guys were the cheapest and most importantly, could start the next day. I paid $8600 for everything. General Air Conditioning wanted $15,500!!! I have no idea what they install but maybe the condenser is made with titanium. Hyde Air bid a little above $9000 but they couldn't start right away, so I went with Apparatus. They came in the next day and got the install done in 2 days. They had some small left over items to finish once I finish drywall and painting and withheld $300 from the final invoice to be paid after all work is done. I thought they were fair, competent and most importantly, able to get the job done quickly and efficiently.
Sam L.
Luis and company (aka Apparatus Air) are fantastic! Really nice family run business. He installed a new AC unit in our vacation condo four years ago at a reasonable price. A part finally failed on it and Luis replaced it under warrantee, gave us discounts on labor and really is just so honest and trustworthy. He provides a good service at a good price. Most any company can provide acceptable service. But to do so and not feel like you're being overcharged or over-sold is invaluable for a homeowner. We trust Apparatus Air!
Liam J.
I would like to add that when I started looking for the right air conditioning company, I had had unhappy experiences with the companies my homeowners policy had sent me. I was so grateful to discover Luis and his son, and the reviews here helped me find them, so thanks to yelp for providing this forum too! Luis and his son, after installing my new ac, came out again to my place when my thermostat was reading quite a few degrees higher than what I'd set the ac control temperature at. Although it felt quite cool and comfortable, I knew the thermostat (which was old) was not working properly. I emailed Luis and he responded right away, setting a time to come to my place to take a look at it. His son Luis Jr. discovered with his temperature-reading gauge that the ac was indeed working properly, and that the actual temperature inside my place was quite cool, as it felt. But the thermostat was not working properly, Luis Sr., instead of trying to sell me a new thermostat, figured out that the wall which the thermostat was mounted on was heating up from the warm outside air that flowed from the attic in the closet behind that wall. He simply moved the thermostat around the corner of that wall which was cool to the touch. My thermostat now works like a champ and I was also grateful to know that that wall wasn't heating up from any kind of electrical problems, but simply from the attic air which gets quite hot as it warms up moving towards summer. They did not charge me for this service call, and considered it part of taking care of a customer who had bought a new ac unit recently. I'm grateful to be dealing with a family-owned company who truly does care about being of service, and whom I know I can rely on to seek to find the right solutions for the customers they serve! I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone looking for a good, knowledgeable company with integrity.
Judy W.
These guys are absolutely, without a doubt, the only ones to go with. I had had a series of terrible and expensive experiences with trying to find help for my air-conditioning problems; I tried A-1 services, (do NOT go NEAR them! ) that cost 900 dollars of upsell (tune up, etc), then THE GENERAL gave me an outrageous quote for a new system, and I "interviewed at least 6 more companies. And many more never called me back. This one , Apparatus called me back 3 times. Luis and his son, both expertly trained in AC, truly care about their customers and the family business. I followed my gut on them, and WOW! They did so much for me, that I don't know where to start. Suffice it to say, that I now have a brand new air conditioner, a job that required cutting, and welding, repaired lines, new coil, new filter, scrubbed out main unit, and I can't remember what else. They were done in one day, even with having to run to get hardware for the unexpected problems that arose. All was around 4,000. I LOVE APPARATUS!
Dixie K.
We have rental properties in Indio and today was one of the hottest of the year. Our tenant called to say that their unit wasn't working properly and we were 3 hours away so we couldn't go and check it out. We called a few AC companies but Apparatus was the most responsive. They informed me they'd be at the property in about an hour and sure enough they showed up around an hour later. They did repairs with some electrical problems the unit was having, called me and everything was settled over the phone. I asked for an email receipt and received by the end of the day. They saved us a day long trip and they were professional, courteous and quick--and I know they were busy! I really appreciated the quick response. So glad I found this company. Hopefully no more AC problems but it's nice to know we have a company we can trust.
Alma H.
They were fast and friendly. They were also detailed in regard to what needed to be done. They arrived on time, and the estimate was fair. I was very satisfied with the estimate.
Belen Gonzalez
If you have ever experienced a sleepless summer night in the desert without A/C you can appreciate the importance of a prompt response and superior service. Apparatus delivered just that, in addition to excellent customer service and admirable professionalism. I'd recommend them to anyone.
Angel Lopez
I will only use Apparatus Heating and A/C for all my Air conditioning needs. They have always been honest and fair when repairing and servicing my AC unit. The owner, Luis, is professional, punctual and very accommodating. When he diagnosed the problem with my unit, he fixed it and saved me a lot of money instead of just trying to sell me a ne...
Gunter Moritz
They were fast and friendly. They were also detailed in regard to what needed to be doThank you Luis, I had a new a/c condenser installed. Placed the order over the phone since I'm from out of the area relied on the positive feedback from Yelp to make my decision glad I did. Unit was installed in a timely manner quality of work was excellent and the price was fair. Luis even agreed to help me with a plumbing issue without charging me extra. In my book that says a lot about the the companies They arrived on time, and the estimate was fair. I was very satisfied with the estimate.
Tony S.
My AC started acting up on me on of all days Saturday night so as I tend to do now I go to YELP to find an AC repairman. I found a few but I ended up going with Luis. It was late on Saturday so I sucked it up and made an appointment with him for Sunday at 9am. He called me 1/2 hr prior as requested and was there on time. Fearing the worst as usual I was expecting something bad but it turned out to be low on freon, he added some and right away felt the difference. The things I liked about Luis is that he was there on time, was very friendly and respectful and got right down to it, found the problem and took care of it. I have now added him to my contacts on my phone to call him when the need arises.
Luis G.
I highly recommend this family owned business! Luis and his service technician arrived 30 minutes early (when does that happen? Awesome!), got right to work, diagnosed what was wrong with my system and fixed it before 9am. Luis made me feel like an informed consumer, with no high pressure upselling, and delivered quality work at a reasonable price! Nobody wants to come home from a trip to find a 90 degree house when it is supposed to be 72; thanks to Luis and Apparatus A/C and Heating my house is now the icebox I am used to! Use them, and tell everyone you know about them! Seriously.
Brandon P.
Once again I called the guys at Apparatus and they had a thorough look at my old clunker A/C unit. They suggested I upgrade to a new and more efficient model. I went all out and got a 24.5 sear Maytag unit. My electric bills dropped dramatically and my electric bill is estimated to be around $350 per YEAR!! I can't believe how happy I am that I have them to depend on. I have another A/C unit that services the other half of the house. It is acting up so I will probably call the guys at Apparatus for that too. I have the utmost faith and confidence in them and their work. Thanks guys.
Dale Panchesin
I called Luis to schedule my A/C unit to be serviced for the summer. I wanted to make sure the new unit was running perfect for the summer. After he came out I asked him what the cost was for the service call was, He said no charge, what!!! He said the the first one after the install was free of charge. Awesome customer service. Thanks Luis BTW... I even referred him my Mother.
Jeff V.
Louis from Apparatus was very responsive for an early Saturday morning call. My heating system had quick working Friday night and house was cold. Louis came out within about 1 hour. He diagnosed the problem and got my heater working temporarily for the weekend. He advised it needed certain new parts and quoted me the price and said he would be back on Monday. He arrived Monday, with the new parts, installed and even troubleshot more minor problems; which he also fixed for no additional charge. My first impression of Louis is one of honesty.He is also friendly and personable. His prices are reasonable and he does the job, he sets out to do. I would highly recommend Apparatus for anyone needing servicing on a/c and heating units. Thank you Louis!
Angela S.